Overseas visitors are loving the Lake District

The Lake District attracts visitors from all over the world but in recent years, overseas visitors has grown and continues to do so.

Some visitors will come specifically to see the Lake District which has a high concentration of lakes, fells and picturesque villages and towns, so different in terms of size to anywhere else in Europe of not the world and it of course is steeped in history which compliments the landscape perfectly. The Lake District is also one of the destinations when people are visiting the UK as a whole with on the way or back from a visit to Scotland.

For some years now, Japanese tourists have flocked to the Lake District, the history and inparticular Beatrix Potter being such a big reason for making the huge journey. But recently more and more different nationalities have been arriving and it is great to see and if the bid is successful for the Lake District to be made into a UNESCO World Heritage site, this is surely only going to increase.

langdale lake district
What a view to have on the doorstep when staying at the Langdale Hotel & Spa

The wider audience has been felt very much so by the Langdale Hotel & Spa in the Langdale Valley whos overseas visitor numbers are continually increasing. Having all the facilities on site has proved favourable whilst at the same time, quaint villages and scenery are on the doorstep. These are two points made in two separate articles from overseas visitors/journalists, on here from Sarah Nicholson of the Australian Daily Telegraph and another, Visit Britain promoting The Lake District on the German Yahoo blog here. The accommodation at the Langdale 4 star lake District hotel is modern yet true to the surroundings and the hotel or the self catering lodges lend themselves to both couples and families. Visit http://www.langdale.co.uk for more details and to check availability.